Cannnot find the distance_sensor in the QGround control

I cannot find the DISTANCE_SENSOR topic, but I follow all the instructions online.
Could I inquire whether I miss any step? Thank you very much

My sensor is LIDAR-Lite v3
I already enable the parameter [SENS_EN_LL40LS] to I2C
The rangefinder/port is enabled using SENS_EN_LL40LS - set to 1 for PWM, or 2 for I2C.

I connect the lidar with a correct wiring like the below screenshot

Thank you very much for any suggestion
My drone configuration is hexdrone:

I think I solve it by rebooting the pixhawk third times, instead of one time.

Hi, I have your same problem (Unable to use any disance sensor on Holybro Durandal) can you please help me?

Try to edit the file name is
in the mavros/mavros/launch
comment the distance sensor and rangesensor
ref: How to Read Distance Sensor Data from MAVROS Topic - #2 by mfurkannargul