Can we use Tera Ranger tower with PX4 firmware?

I want to use Tera Ranger tower with pixhawk for collision avoidance. Is it possible to do that using PX4 firmware.

Yes, you can; as shown here.

Although the PX4 flight stack includes a driver for the TeraRanger One, I’m not sure if it works with the Tower Hub so you might need to modify or adapt it.

In our case, the Tower is connected to an onboard computer running the Terabee ROS module; which then sends MAVlink messages to the Pixhawk via MAVROS.


TeraRanger tower has a chip with it. If we connect it to the Serial port then Px4 will be able to avoid collision? Or do we have to make changes to it?
Its urgent…

as @AI_B said, PX4 does not support the tower. You can either try to modify the existing driver (which works with TR One and Evo) or go with the companion computer route.

As far as obstacle avoidance goes: I don’t believe that’s a plug-and-play feature of PX4 at this point, so you’ll have to do some work in that regard anyway. If you’re not too familiar with the PX4 code, working with a companion computer that gets the Teraranger data and sends high level commands (using offboard mode) might get you there the fastest.

Okay now i understood. But i am very new to it, can you provide me the code and guide me with this or you know anyone who can help me with this please.

If it’s urgent, use ardupilot. The Tera ranger tower is basically plug and play, over serial.

Actually my problem is that i am not able to do the auto tuning and throttle mapping in ardu and also i am flying with px4 from last 1 year. Thats why i am stucked…if you know any one who can help me, it would be great.

Three choices I guess: use Ros with px4, get help with ardupilot or write/implement native px4 avoidance.
You’ve been given tips for Ros. The ardupilot forum could probably help with that if you choose to, or ask on the avoidance channel in px4 slack if you want to go that path.

Thanks for the information, i think i will go for ROS with PX4