Can PX4 be tailored to control autonomous robot?

Dear px4 fans
After two months study,I found nuttx and px4 are very good ,I want develop the control programs of autonomous mobile robot with mecanum wheels of my company and the control board of robot is based on stm32F103 or stm32F407,or maybe stm32F427. And control of the robots which mecanum wheels is similar to Copter.
Also,I know px4 for pixhawk is based on nuttx, and I found some components of px4 is useful for my products and some components isn’t proper for my products. For example,I want nuttx with uorb,inertial sensor part ,attitude estimation part,etc. And may be change some part for the robot is on the earth not in the sky. I want to know I should change lots of program or not, to achieve this goal? Could you give me some suggestions?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @John
PX4 is quite modular, so it’s definitely possible to use only certain modules, and replace other functionality with your own.
You’ll have to provide more detail if you’d like to discuss specifics of how to use PX4 like this.

Thank you very much, Dagar
My autonomous mobile robot project requriement are as follows:
1.The autonomous mobile robot moves indoors,so GPS is not necessary. Inertial navigation function is necessary. And maybe some 2-dimensional bar codes are pasted on the ground to improve the accuaracy. But those 2-dimensional bar codes is not very many, just to avoid the autonomous mobile robots deviate from the path too far for Inertial navigation precision is not very high.
2.The autonomous mobile robot has 4 or 8 mecanum wheels. And all the wheels are driven by PWM, which is produced by stm32f427 timers. The mecanum wheels are Omni-directional.So steering system may be different from usual car and may be easy!
3.The control board is based on stm32F427 or stm32f407,and have some sensor for Inertial navigation . I can make
the hardware is similar to pixhawk. for example, I choose the same Inertial navigation sensors and also use stm32f427VI.
The PCB board may be different size and layers.
So, if I want to achieve the project requirements, how px4 can be tailored to control my autonomous mobile robot?
I think PX4 is very good, I want px4 to be popular in autonomous mobile robot industry,especially for omni-directional wheels robot.
Thank you px4 fans.