Can not test T-Motor U5 KV400 with QGC or MavLink Shell

I have a tarot x6 hexacopter frame with an Holybro Pixhawk 4 as fly controller.

ESC: T-Motor ALPHA 40 LV (correctly programmed using T-motor datalink, with the correct firmware for the type of motor “V1 - U5 KV400”)
MOTOR: T-Motor U5 KV400
PX4 Firmware: v1.11.2
QGC: V 4

I have done all the ESCs calibration with the procedure in the POWER window in QGC, and was completed without error.

But when I try to test them in the motor window I have some problem.
When I slide up the slider (this in all the ESC/MOTOR couple) I ear a sound from the motor but it does not spin…but if I change fast the slider value with the strange sound on, the motor spin at the correct velocity set (verify with MavLink Inspector). I have try the same test with the command motor_test in MavLink Console and I get the same identical result.

I perform other tests on them with MavLink Console, and check the output on MavLink Inspector and all are correct:

  1. motor_ramp (sine, ramp, square mode)
  2. pwm steps
  3. pwm tests

In these tests, I have not do the trick of previously used in the motor page and with the command motor_test, and all working great.

Can someone tell me why I can not tests the motor in that way?
Thank you in advance.