Camera for image processing

Hi all,
I’m looking into developing some image processing applications for a drone. My drone has a pixhawk and an odroidXU4 set up. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what camera to use for this type of application. General criteria:

  • indoor and outdoor use (primarily outdoor I think)
  • haven’t decided if it’s down looking or horizon
  • wanna work with the ros-mavros framework
  • as light as possible and minimal energy consumption
  • preferably USB? (Can do usb3 too)


I would suggest an usb camera. Odroid support usb camera direction connection. And these cameras are plenty of them out there, either B&W or YUV output, quite light also. So wouldn’t be a problem if you want to deploy more of them, like one facing down, and one facing forward.

VGA resolution is good enough for many cases, so Odroid should able to handle dual or even three of them, depending on fps you would like.

But you may need to take care of the lens distortion by yourself.