Camera and Gimbal Setup Suggestions?

Hi. This is my first post. My son and I have built a nice quad that flies well using a Pixhawk 1 and PX4. Its time now to add a camera and I am totally in the dark as to what to do and how to link it to the Pixhawk and QGroundcontrol. We have a Hero5 camera we can use and i would like to be able to eventually…

  • Send it on mission and take photos at specified locations and intervals.
  • Control camera, its view direction and see what it sees in QGroundcontrol, start stop video and take photos.

Suggestions or links are welcome.

PS: If any one is interested here is a short video of its first mission. This is Version 6 after many fails with wood and balsa frames. Which still flew well but did not survive crashes.

Hey that’s very nice and kinda have of same problem, did you manage to find a way for it to be stable? Still having a problem and also thanks to this thread man.