Calibration keep return errors

I am trying to calibrate Pixhawk but it’s give me MAG SENSORS INCONSISTENT and after recalibrate compass again the error was changing to GYRO SENSORS INCONSISTENT, PREFLIGHT FAIL: ACCEL SENSORS INCONSISTENT , PREFLIGHT FAIL: EKF HIGH IMU GYRO BIAS, and PREFLIGHT FAIL: EKF HIGH IMU ACCEL BIAS in unorder then back to MAG SENSORS INCONSISTENT.

As discuss in here, Is it possible that the close proximity of the usb connector to the magnetometers in Pixhawk cause MAG SENSORS INCONSISTENT error as @priseborough mentioned. how close it should be and is it possible that wifi dongle and companion board(odroid) connected with 2 usb camera sit close to the Pixhawk cause the same problem. I have try calibrate with telemetry but still get this error.

Every thing use to work find for me last month, then I decided to recalibrate and confront this problem. I am using default parameters. What can be cause of this problem? Thank you in advance for any kind of help

If you suspect about the usb connectors causing the error message then maybe you can try to unplug all cables and do calibration with a standalone Pixhawk to see if problem persists, and that will answer your question mostly.

I would guess you will still have the error messages.

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@rolandash, I calibrated a standalone pixhawk. The problem was gone for a while after calibrate then come back again within 1 hrs. I am really confused now because the problem is not stable. why the error keep changing like this.

These error messages seem to be introduced after 1.7.x. I did not dig into them deeper as they will gone after calibration. I would guess more pre-flight checks been added into the code.

However if that comes randomly on your side perhaps you should report it as an issue to dev team.

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Hi, I see this messages also intermittend. (using Telemetry)
In most cases the disappear by doing a restart. Otherwise I do a recalibration.
I am on 1.7.3

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For me disable SYS_COMPANION solved it - too much mavlink instances consume lots of memory … and non magnetic usb plugs help a lot to avoid mag inconsistency (I used a tape head demagnetizer if the usb plugs are too magetic)

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