Building QGroundControl - compiles but QtQuick.window not found


I’m trying to learn more about QGroundControl by compiling it and playing around. I’m able to build and run for linux, but when opening the form editor I get the errors with QtQuick imports:

import QtQuick.Window 2.2 — QML module not found

I’ve got this for several versions of QtCreator and Qt, now I use Qt Creator 4.11.1 and Qt libs 5.12.5, as recommended in the docs. The problem is that I can’t learn how the UI stuff works (signals etc)

I’ve found a rather disheartening remark about this issue:

“An import statement
import QtQuick.Window 2.2
is always annotated with “QML module not found” error message.”

“This bug is very old! But still present unfortunately. It seems to be occurred very chancy in any platform and then it will be present and make developers sad. I already have same problem from some month ago and it is still here after many updates. I have not any solution yet.”

Is this still the case?

The solution is to not use the form editor. That is not supported and will likely never be.

Thanks for the response! If it’s not supposed to work, at least I know that it’s not the problem of my configuration. Maybe it’s just not the best place to learn Qt programming. Or just the opposite - it’s perfect for the advanced track :slight_smile: Interesting. I haven’t seen for example an Android project with the form editor not usable. Could you please write what’s the motivation? Too much hassle with configuring it? No need for it? No real advantage? No kidding here, I’m impressed by the quality of QGroundControl, as an user I have no problems with this app.

The form editor only works for 100% Qml applications. QGC uses both Qml and C++. The Qml doesn’t work unless you have the C++ code working as well. That said form editors almost always fall flat on their face with any sort of level of complex ui. So even if QGC were solely Qml I doubt you would be able to edit it.