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I successfully compiled Qground in macOs with Qt. I am looking for a way to build my modified project for windows. first I tried cross compiling in Mac for windows but couldn’t and I face with tons of errors.
I installed Qt 5.7.1 on my windows and opened my modified Qt project . in configuration / Kits I see that MSVC 12 x86 is listed but when I click on that I see that compiler drop down menu is disabled and no compiler is selected. I tried creating a new kit and manually select MSVC 12 and Qt version of 5.7.1. it compiles but I faced with hundreds of syntax errors… am I missing sth? I have already installed VS 2015 , 2013 on PC as well.

I’ve been trying to do android on qdc for a few days.
However when i go into the source file, i noticed a class named QDCActivity.
In this class, the QDCActivity class is extended from QtActivity

Pls help me out coz i dont get what QtAtivity is and where to find it.

I would like to live stream aircraft information from q GroundControl to a Geospatial Information Syatem ( GIS ). I’ve searched the web and have not found an existing solution. Prior to starting development I wanted to do one final check, with the community, to see if this capability exists. I’m open to almost any means for achieving this in near real time.

My thanks in advance and apologies if this is not the appropriate forum

Mine is an older computer. Only 32 bit type. How download QGC for this computer? It did load the 64 bit version, but said can’t run on this computer. Please advise. Ed

hello everyone,
I have a bms that I designed myself. I will use the navigator system, which is the new system of bluerobotics, together with this bms in my unmanned underwater vehicle. I’m thinking of communicating with Uart. But I couldn’t find any information that will help me to transfer this bms information to which file in qgc. How do I transfer the data I get from uart to which file in qgc?