Tips- build a fast drone

I have read a good post about how to build a fast drone, and I share it for you, in the past I have the same question, how to build a fast drone, so I asked and searched in all the way, I think this post is very useful.
It is not a large thrust motor can help you to win a racing, you need a reasonable collocation scheme for your drone.
To build a fast drone, we must choose the best drone parts.
I have used many different motors, and these drone motors are some of I used.
2205 motors: equip with dalrc5045 3 propeller, their thrust is about 1200g(motor’s weight is about 30g, 4 motor is 120g)
2206 motors: I have used it, the weight is too heavy, hard to turn the corner, and the speed is not increased significantly;
2305 motors: this is my new test motors, and the thrust is very good, they’re super smooth and have a good power!
I have three requirements for select the frame:
Light weight;
Small wind resistance;
Strong and solid;
In the past, I sued dalrc220 frame because it is strong and solid, and needn’t consider the weight, now I like the new frame xr220, because it is light, strong solid and small wind resistance.

I think the most ESCs have no difference, the program are similar, you just need consider the price. I’m using the Tattu ESCs, in order to match my Tattu quadcopter motors.
Lipo Battery:
To flight fast, a good lipo battery is very important; low C rate can’t discharge high current, if you want to flight fast, you need at least 60C or more lipo battery. How to choose high discharge rate lipo battery? I recommend you can choose Tattu battery, best power delivery, autonomy, reliability, long life and less sag than any other lipos, and most FPV pilots are using their battery.

ESC actually matters a lot, especially on PX4 platform.