[Bug] Lidar Lite-v3 PWM Errror After v1.10.1


when flashing the build px4_fmu-v5_default on my Pixhawk 4,
the lidar lite-v3 (ll40ls) is not detected on PWM with firmware versions >v1.10.1.
The problem was already adressed in 2020 in this issue.
When I try the current build or for example the build of v1.11.0, the distance_sensor does not get detected.
Does somebody have an idea which module has changed, impacting the ll40ls module?

Additional information:
I’m building on px4_fmu-v5_default

When running ll40ls_pwm status in the MAVLink Console, I’m getting the following response with Firmware v1.14.0 and v1.10.2:

ll40ls_pwm status
ll40ls: read: 1941 events, 3301us elapsed, 1.70us avg, min 1us max 35us 2.027us rms
ll40ls: comms errors: 1940 events
ll40ls: resets: 0 events
ll40ls: zero resets: 1 events
poll interval:  50000

so the module is mainly throwing comm errors.

When running the command ll40ls status on v1.10.1, I’m getting a valid response:

ll40ls status
ll40ls: read: 3468 events, 93625us elapsed, 27.00us avg, min 20us max 232us 16.026us rms
ll40ls: comms errors: 533 events
ll40ls: resets: 0 events
ll40ls: zero resets: 0 events
poll interval:  50000

There are still some comm errors but a big part of the data gets through …

It seems as if the Lidar Lite wiring is different in the old firmware versions. I’m now sticking to the old firmware version.