Board won't start with custom build

I downloaded a stable PX4 Autopilot firmware code in April and made a build. It works fine.

To test something, I changed the last line of ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init_d/4001_quad_x from “set PWM_OUT 1234” to “set PWM_OUT 123456”. After I load this custom build, I see following error on the terminal and the board can’t start.


The problem is even I remove the change and make a clean build, the board still fails with the same error.

I can still flash the board with online firmware and the board starts. It just won’t start with my local build.

Any one knows why? Is it possible some file was automatically changed during the build that I am not aware of?

try building and flashing from a fresh clone. If that works then you know you changed something yourself in the copy that doesn’t work.

Thanks Mark. I know it will work if I build from a fresh clone. But why it won’t work after I have already rolled back the code change? It seems somewhere in the build still has the change.

did you try “make clean”?

I deleted the build folder: build_px4fmu-v2_default. It should be same as “make clean”. But it won’t work. I have to wipe out everything and re-download code.