AUX does not work in MindPX


I flashed MindPX2.8with latest PX4 master as of now. I used QGC to pass one of RC channels to AUX1 in order to control a gimbal angle. That way worked fine with 3DR Pixhawk. However, it didn’t work with MindPX. Is there different/extra configs that should be done?

Hi Mzahana,

Which air-frame do you use, Quadrotor, Hexarotor, Octorotor?

MindPX’s hardware follows PX4 FMUv4 architecture, which has not general AUXs like Pixhawk.

If you want to build air-frame like Hexarotor, Octoroto with aux output, it should need some customization.

Thanks @Henry for your reply. I was using Pixhawk px4fmu-v2 on F550 Hexerotor. I now replaced pixhawk with MindPX. There are extra AUX pins on MindPX. So, I thought that I can use the same procedure on QGC to assign one RC channel to an AUX pin.

If it does not work the same way on MindPX, then what is needed in order to achieve that. Also, how are the AUX pins used in general, on MindPX?


Is there a reference on how to use AUX pins on MindPX?!

AUX pins on MindPX don’t supply the same function as Pixhawk. Currently, MindPX’s AUXs are not for normal users, they are reserved for future needs.

If you want to use one AUX pin for RC channel, we can customize a firmware for you, but should wait for some time.

That should not be the case! AUX are used by ‘normal’ users in different applications. A simple one is controlling a gimbal from RC channels. Unless there is a way to use the main PWMs for that, which is not ideal as they are ideally used for motors control.

It would also be great if one can give hints on what needs to be modified in the code, in order to make AUXs more transparent and flexible to the user. I can possibly help in that, too.


Usually you could take PWM directls from the receiver.

Yes, but it can add extra component. Also, some application, which i do, requires to control gimbal in some autonomous way via flight controller.

@Henry any hints/updates on the solution to this?! thanks.

Hi @Mzahana, please see my comment for github issue .

@Mzahana please have a test for PR #7208