Auto ESC Enumeration No Longer Functional on DroneCAN

Hello! I have recently been investigating Auto ESC Enumeration over DroneCAN and its support in PX4.

Naturally, I found the video of this working with QGroundControl found here.

I, however, could not get this feature to work, and was met with the error: “Vehicle did not respond to command:MAV_CMD_PREFLIGHT_UAVCAN.” Digging into the source code, I found the commit that got this feature in. I also found a recent commit that took it out. It seems that until PX4 v1.12.X, that Auto ESC Enumeration was supported, but no longer is.

Running v1.12.0 on a PixHawk 4, I was able to get the flight controller to output the correct enumeration command on the DroneCAN bus using the “Start Assignment” button. This, more or less, confirms that the feature was, at one time, supported.

Are there plans on supporting it again in the future? Am I missing something altogether? Please advise.

Thank you all!