Auto download new mission in QGC

I’m looking for a way to automatically download a mission when QGC detects a new mission loaded on my pixhawk. It seems to detect it because when I load a new mission from my companion computer to the pixhawk, I get a warning from QGC saying that my waypoint are below home (which they are)

My goal is to always have the actual mission of the pixhawk visible in the “Fly view” without the need to use Plan View > File > Vehicle, Download

I started to dig into the code but not sure where I need to do my changes

Any helps will be greatly appreciated !!

Yes , it is good feature. also when we play a tlog file.

My guess would be you will also have to add code to the firmware to allow reading the mission back.
If you could read the mission back you would think QCG would support it.


I am looking for the same feature, did you have any success in getting the update of the plan view automated?


the answer on Slack few weeks ago was negative

So unless there is an update since that no feature like this yet.

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