Arming Problem via RC

Hello everyone,

I just received my new RC set. Radio calibration has done. Everything is ok, signals are sending to autopilot correctly for all channels - as far as I see on QGC monitor

I can ARM with QGC without a problem. I can arm with companion computer, over MAVRos as well.

However, autopilot doesn’t react at all when I tried to arm with the transmitter. No beep, no colour change on the led, no error on the QGC…

I’m using this quad with companion computer, so I have changed a few parameters for that.


COM_RC_IN_MODE = Joystick/No RC Checks

CBRK_USB_CHK = 197848

Rest of parameters are default values. I could not figure out where is the problem.

Arming via transmitter is disabled with that COM_RC_IN_MODE setting.