Arming issue

When I arm my copter, motors spin up but then after about 2 seconds, they shut off and copter disarms, followed by 2 beeps. Just happened all of a sudden. Battery I ran just before was fine. Flight went normal.

Any advice or guidance will help.

Sounds like you have auto disarm on land enabled. In QGC, check the safety tab at the bottom.

Hey Nicholas,
I did too. I must have enabled that last time and didn’t remember.
Thanks heaps. I was bewildered.

Can someone explain when to use this auto disarm on landing feature. I had it enabled, but as soon as I armed, it would disarm and shut down all motors. Was hoping it would only shut down if I was in an auto mode. Eg flying missions or doing an RTL? But still allow to be flown in rattitude or across modes.