Ark optical flow with px4 1.13 position hold

Report one thread as a summary for the latest optical flow sensor ark in indoor GPS denied environment position hold flight.

  1. ARK optical flow sensor, follow the instruction to finish the settings, [(ARK Flow | PX4 User Guide))].
  2. no need to enable paw3902 in the px4 setting, even though the ark used this type of sensor.
  3. In QgroundControl, check if the local_position_ned msg is published.


  1. I start from stabilized mode, then switch to takeoff mode, it will start takeoff automatically and hover at 1m, the value can be changed, and the default is 2.5m.
  2. during the takeoff, the thrust stick is in the lowest position, and if moves the stick a little, the drone will abort the takeoff. (before it off the ground).
  3. after the drone is off the ground, raise the thrust (pass 30% of the range) it will automatically change to Position mode, now, the operator gains control of the drone.


  1. no drift in my case, and the z position is very good, the error is < 4cm.
  2. slightly moving or aggressively moving the pitch/roll stick will not engage any movement, it is very safe to flight.