Are newer versions of Qt supported? The guides download link downloads 5.13 - 5.12 is that ok?

Per the “Install Qt Step 2.”

“In the installer Select Components dialog choose: 5.11.0”

The problem is the Qt installation does not have the 5.11.0 option
it has:
Qt 5.13
Qt 5.12.4
Qt 5.12.3
Qt 5.12.2

Are any of these versions supported? If not where can I get Qt 5.11 and can the download link in the guide be changed to point to the 5.11 version instead of 5.13 ? Any comments or help is greatly appreciated. Normally projects that are in the same level as QGC have had all of these kinds of issues worked out long ago. I am guessing it’s like pulling teeth because I am using a Windows OS and most folks are using a Linux OS.

From memory: Click Archive, Refresh. Something like that. That will give you older versions of Qt. The new Qt installer is a real PITA.

THANK YOU! It sounds like any newer version is not going to be a very smooth ride at this point.