What version(s) of Qt supported?

I’m starting to set up the dev einviroment for qgroundcontrol android the first time.

Getting Started with source & builds · QGroundControl Developer Guide says

“In the installer Select Components dialog choose: 5.12.6.
If the version needed is not displayed, check the archive (show archive and refresh).”

in can chose between
5.9.9, 5.12.2 … 5 and 5.12.10 and 5.13.2, 5,14.2, 5,15.0 … 2 and 6.0.2

further hints on what versions of the dev tools to choose are also appreciated

the qt installer linked in the dev guide doesn’t offer qt 5.12.2.
one can download it from Index of /archive/qt/5.12/5.12.6

  • solved for me
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