ArduPlane firmware and Rally points in QGC

Hi All,

I’ve noticed that Rally points and geofence is only supported in QGC when using PX4 firmware.

Is there a way to support both of them when using ArduPlane? Or the reason for not supporting rally points is that QGC is using Mavlink v2 instead of v1?

Kind Regards

ArduPilot doesn’t support the new rally point and geofence mavlink spec. Supporting two versions of this code in QGC is just too much work. I was hoping ArduPilot would support the new spec as well but not yet.

The ArduPilot guys were part of the discussion for the new spec (thanks Don), but have held off due to backwards compatibility concerns. I believe it’s a work in progress. Raising an issue in the ArduPilot GitHub might give it some more momentum (although is part of the solution).

Aha I see,

Thank you very much, for helping to identify where the problem is.