APSync for PX4

Is there an APSync version for the PX4 flight stack?

What is APSync? Please give more detail.

APSync is a software package that tends to exist in the Ardupilot counterpart (as of now) that simplifies the companion computer setup for drones. One of the notable feature (which I was interested in) was automatically setting up wifi hotspot etc for streaming telemetry and video over network. This would be a nice feature to have in the PX4 also if not there already. :slight_smile:


Aha! I don’t know of anything that would be similar. However, you could use MAVSDK for certain functionality on the companion or mavlink-router for dealing with forwarding MAVLink traffic. It all depends on what problem you’re exactly trying to accomplish.

Many people of course also use MAVROS to connect to ROS on a companion computer.

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APSync is a set of utilities pre-configured, it acts as a data broker using mavlink-router together with a few other services like MAVProxy, dflogger, APweb and, OpenKai. By becoming the glue that binds everything together it decreases the complexity of setting up a companion computer.

From APSync docs:

  • /dev/ttyTHS1 at baud 1500000 to communicate with the flight controller (on TX1/TX2)
  • UDP for MavProxy running on the companion computer
  • UDP for dflogger (writes dataflash logs to companion computer)
  • UDP for APweb (small configuration web service)
  • UDP for OpenKai (vision processing program, similar to ROS)
  • UDP for telemetry to Ground Station via wifi

IMHO it’s a really nice piece of software.

I agree with @JulianOes we can pretty much have a 1-to-1 replacement to anything on APSync using the MAVSDK, but the reality is we don’t have plans for this (correct me if I’m wrong please), and there’s still significant work to be done to get there. I don’t know that there are any open-source solutions to this problem in our community.

Having said that, if anyone sees the need for a companion computer “kit” that simplifies operations, I’m all up for it. I would just be very careful of not creating a “competition” with APSync, or a 1-to-1 replacement of APSync, just for the sake of having one. We are a different community with different needs. I would like to understand the use cases and understand the requirements before any resources are assigned to this.

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@rroche thank you for your clarification :slight_smile:

In my perspective, if we can integrate the MAVSDK and all the basic required ‘setups’ for a companion computer (eg: auto hotspot, gstreaming, telemetry over network, etc) into a package, it can be easily used and installed by ‘anyone’ who want to use MAVSDK to set up even their very first drone. In my view, it would accelerate the use-cases of MAVSDK to even a higher level.

It has been suggested that it wouldn’t take too much work to make it PX4 compatible, which would be nice.

Right, it would be great if APSync could be made compatible with PX4. I think this will depend a bit on how the standardisation of MAVLink progresses between ArduPilot and PX4.

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Yes, if that gets standardised, then a lot of areas become much easier!

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