Antenna for telemetry module SiK radio

We’re a little disappointed with the available antennas. After last crash, something was rattling inside of the end of the antenna. That was a reason for disassembly of antenna.

We had several antennas. One original from SiK telemetry module. Another one other that looks similar. And the last type was a little bit heavier and looks pretty robust.

All of them is possible to see disassembled on the next images.

Can anyone recommend us a well done antenna with good radiating pattern and better gain? Mass and size doesn’t depends. We would like to use it on GCS. But advices for aircraft antenna are also welcomed.


SiK is a software running on radio modules so you will need to specify which frequency your particular module is using for anyone to recommend an antenna

Yes, I’m sorry, I forgot the most important thing.
We are using 433 MHz radios.

I’ve had good experience with the antennas from TBS, if I remember correctly we got more than 7 km with a moxon on the ground station and a dipole on the aircraft.

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