Android QGC over UDP link

Are there any known issues with Android QGC and using UDP? I have a VOXL flight deck using Microhard radio, and I cannot get Android QGC to download the parameter list. It shows 10-12% loss rate. But, if I flood ping using the max size (or greater) of mavlink protocol, I have 0% packet loss, so I do not believe the connection is actually noisy.

Can’t do any vehicle setup, but telemetry is all arriving fine if I check out mavlink inspector.

Note I see the same loss rate on Windows, but Windows QGC has no issue downloading the parameter list, going through calibration, etc. via the same radios so it seems specific to Android.

We are working on a drone with nearly the same setup. What is your connection protocol between the android device and your microhard radio? RNDIS?