Mavlink connection drop rate

i have some problems with a very high droprate for mavlink. tried diffrent antennas. sometime 90% then evens out to 50%. this is only on my tablet and my phone. this is causing me to not be able to send any commands to the pixhawk 2.4.? running the latest stable arduplane firmware with everything configure properly. when i attach the 3dr radio to may laptop it works fine but still with 50% drop rate. i have tried using and otg cable on my tablet and phone, diffrent 3dr radios in the craft, and even a bluetooth xrock telemtry on my tablet&phone. i can see the info of the craft, where it is on the map,battery,sats,flight modes. i just cant send any commands to it or even change flight modes it allways times out… with this issue this requires me to take my laptop to the field for a mavlink i can actually send commands across… this only happens with the android version. it doesnt download all parameters. any help would be great. im about to take the plane for a maiden tomorrow.

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