Altitude Hold Reject, No GPS, with LPE and TeraRanger One

Hi everyone,

Relatively new user here. I’m struggling to get my drone into Altitude Hold mode with LPE and the TeraRanger One. Every time I try to enter Altitude mode, I’m greeted by red angry text saying “FCU: REJECT ALTITUDE CONTROL”.

I have LPE_Fusion set to 114, which corresponds to fuse optical flow, fuse land detector, pub agl as lpos down, and flow gyro compensation. Is this correct? Is there any documentation that could give me further insight as to what each of these options mean?

I have SENS_EN_TRONE enabled and get reasonable data when observing DISTANCE_SENSOR.current_distance. This tells me that the TeraRanger is correctly connected to the PixRacer.

Is there anything I’m visibly doing wrong? The TeraRanger seems to be working properly based on the [lpe] lidar init in logs below, but still, ALTITUDE mode is being rejected. Any ideas?

[ INFO] [1491228079.209893317]: FCU: ARMED by RC [ INFO] [1491228079.305117743]: FCU: [blackbox] /fs/microsd/log/2017-04-03 [ INFO] [1491228079.382647661]: FCU: [blackbox] recording: 14_01_19.px4log [ INFO] [1491228083.303011893]: FCU: Takeoff detected [ INFO] [1491228084.253442406]: FCU: [lpe] land timeout [ INFO] [1491228085.154338476]: FCU: [lpe] lidar init: mean 36 cm stddev 6 cm [ERROR] [1491228090.855884293]: FCU: REJECT ALTITUDE CONTROL [ERROR] [1491228092.303381943]: FCU: REJECT ALTITUDE CONTROL [ERROR] [1491228094.505401458]: FCU: REJECT ALTITUDE CONTROL [ERROR] [1491228102.554002028]: FCU: REJECT ALTITUDE CONTROL [ INFO] [1491228105.803464174]: FCU: DISARMED by RC [ INFO] [1491228106.352484994]: FCU: [lpe] land init [ INFO] [1491228106.905136348]: FCU: [lpe] lidar timeout [ INFO] [1491228107.055499528]: FCU: [blackbox] stopped (2592 drops) [ INFO] [1491228107.355524766]: FCU: Landing detected

Also, just so you know, the end goal is to get PX4Flow working. I assume that it isn’t working properly, as it doesn’t seem to incorporate data into the external range sensor.

Thanks in advance!

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I think the FCU is borked. I’m going to attempt to rewire the TeraRanger to a new drone. I’ll let you know how it goes.