Alt hold big issue PixHawk 2.1

Dear All,

I am using PX V1.8.1 on a pixhawk 2.1
I have installed a lidar lite V3 for Z measurement
Fusion is achieved with LPE. LPE_FUSION set to “Flow gyro compensation” and “Land detector” (I assumed that Land detector is related to the sensor which is providing Z measurement - am I correct?)

I can see on the Analyze widget that the lidar is working properly

However when I try ALT HOLD I observed the following behavior:
(1) the quad is goind done let say 10 to 20cm
(2) stay there for a while

Repeat (1) and (2) until it touches the ground.

The logs are available here

Can you please tell me why I have such behavior?

In the logs you will see that I have also need to tune the ROLL/PITCH_RATE because they are really noisy

Thank you very much


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