Obstacle Avoidance For UGV Rover

I have been recently introduced to pixhawk controller. Using the provided Github repository for obstacle avoidance I understood the basics of this controller. Now I want to replicate the same obstacle avoidance for Rover. For the time being, I don’t have access to the actual controller but want to simulate the rover as I did for the drone.

I want to ask how to simulate pixhawk model of a rover for obstacle avoidance as this repository is dedicated to drones. Thank you

@federista PX4 has some level of support for rovers, therefore it is not dedicated for drones.

You can already simulate rovers in PX4: Gazebo Vehicles | PX4 User Guide

I understand it. The question is how I do obstacle avoidance on the rover as the GitHub repository is dedicated to only drones.

@federista You would need to modify the algorithm itself, since it assumes you can move in three dimensions. You can probably look if there are other works that use VFH approaches and adapt the implementation for a 2D robot

Thank you. I will get back to you if I come across some issues. I only wanted to know if there is such a repository for rovers as there is for drones