Airsim & Qgroundcontrole dosen't communicate (HITL)

Hello everyone

I’m trying to connect my PX4 flight controller to Airsim (HITL) on SerialPort: “/dev/tty.usbmodem01”.

I followed the procedure recommended by the PX4 USER Guide but Qgroundcontrol cannot connect to Airsim.

Unreal Engine launches and connects to the PX4 but nothing happens, the drone does not respond to any commands, (the PX4 is binded to Taramis and works well IRL).

Note that everything works well in STIL mode (Qgroundcontrol + Airsim + PX4 running on my device) but in HITL mode there is a communication problem between Airsim and QGroundcontrol. Anyone know where this comes from?

I’m on macOS 12.2 (Apple M1), Unreal Engine Version: 4.26.2, QGroundControl Version: 4.2.0

My settings.json file :
“SettingsVersion”: 1.2,
“SimMode”: “Multirotor”,
“Vehicles”: {
“PX4”: {
“VehicleType”: “PX4Multirotor”,
“Lockstep”: true,
“UseSerial”: true,
“SerialPort”: “/dev/tty.usbmodem01”,
“Parameters”: {
“LPE_LAT”: 48.895972,
“LPE_LON”: 2.391425}}}}

Thank :wink: