Airframe tab missing vehicle types

Hi. I’m trying to select vtol vehicle type from QGround control. When I uploaded the firmware I can only select standard plane type. When I select other types after reboot SYS_AUTOSTART parameter switching back to zero.
My board Pixhawk 2.4.8 (Same problem also exist with Cube Orange+)
QGC (Last stable version also tried with 4.2.6 and 4.2.9)

I tried bootloader update also. One of the 2.4.8 has fmu-v3 and the other one has fmu-v2(I tried to update it to v3 but not worked due to silicon errata issue).
I guess aiframe tab is only for prebuild some parameters and actuators. Should I add my custom airframe or there is another issue which make impossible to use 2.4.8 with vtol frame or talon or any airframe except standard airplane and generic quad.

As I understand there are different vehicle types defined in different QGC releases. If your desired airframe not exist try another QGC version or define a custom airframe yourself. Like here: