Adding PPS interrupt pin to GPS connector for the next pixhawk connector standard, is it realistic?


Tight timing synchronization is important for a lot of data capture and sensor fusion applications.
The de-facto way to get globally synchronized clocks today is to use a GNSS receiver and their supplied pulse-per-second (PPS) interrupt pin.

The pixhawk connector standard DS-009, does not include a PPS input on the GPS-ports. Because of this, manufacturers of GPS modules do not produce modules with PPS output.
I would really like it if manufacturers of GPS modules had a PPS output, but this will probably not happen unless it becomes a part of the pixhawk standard.

Some concrete questions:

  1. Is there any roadmap for a new revision of the Pixhawk connector standard, DS-009?
  2. If yes, how will this new standard revision be governed and developed?

We have also dealt with this matter. How to get a PPS signal for our measuring devices (And generally payload).

After next problems with available receivers at market, we developed our own GNSS receivers TFGPS01, which contains a second output for payload. This output contains PPS signal from GPS receiver.

Pinout is here:

Main output is compatible with Pixhawk GPS&SAFETY connector standard, that can be directly connected to Pixhawk autopilot.

I can’t answer questions about the standard.