Pixhawk 4 IMU uncertainties

Hello I am working on a gazebo model where I am trying to update my IMU and GPS uncertainties to match the pixhawk 4.

The Pixhawk 4 utilizes the ICM-20689 and the BMI055 IMU’s according to the spec page I found here.

For my model I am looking for four main paramaters for both the gyroscope and accelerometer portion of the IMU. The Noise Density (which is provided in the tech sheets), the random walk, the bias correlation time, and the turn on biass sigma.

I was wondering, does anyone already have these values and is willing to share them? Or can I get these values from the tech sheets of the IMU’s (I am not EE or electronics expert so I don’t really know what I am looking at in the tech sheet). I know I can do this experimentally by turning the pixhawk 4 on for a while, log it sitting still and analyzing the data logged by the IMU but would prefer not to do it this experimental way.

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@Paul_Riseborough do we have any data for these sensors?

I have this flight log, where it sat stationary inside for two minutes. So I could use this for the IMU but not GPS.

Ignoring the last few second before I believe it got disturbed.

I know i can use pyulog to parse this data and plug it into matlab or something to get the standard deviation and whatnot, but I am not exactly certain on how to obtain the random walk, bias correlation time or turn on biass sigma.

@CalvinK did you manage to find those values? Would you mind sharing them please? I am looking for those same values.