About rc_override in px4

used : make px4_sitl gazebo , roslaunch mavros px4.launch, qgroundcontrol
env : ubuntu 18.04, gazebo 9, ros melodic

I can change the rc / override value. But FCU In gazebo doesn’t react.

also i used this code →
rostopic pub -r 5 /mavros/manual_control/send mavros_msgs/ManualControl “header:
seq: 0
stamp: {secs: 0, nsecs: 0}
frame_id: ‘’
x: 0.0
y: 0.0
z: 800.0
r: 500.0
buttons: 0”

at rostopic echo /mavros/manual_control/send print well, but also FCU doesnt react in gazebo

also typed this : rosrun mavros mavparam set SYSID_MYGCS 1

that parameter is not exist in px4 firmware. :frowning:

how can i control rc value in gazebo SITL

@romaster93 To start with, this is not related to PX4. This is a mavros usability problem.

I can see a few things missing.

  • It seems like you are missing a lot of fields in publishing the topic. Try publishing the topics through an actual proper program that using rostopic pub
  • SYSID_MYGCS is only required for APM and not PX4. Also, the param is for mavros not the px4 firmware. That is why the parameter doesn’t exist in the px4 firmware. Please check the mavros wiki (also, the doc says this message should NOT be used for automatic control)