8-meter unmanned autonomous AIRSHIP - Power module

Hello everyone, this is my very first post!

I am trying to build an 8-meter autonomous airship, I have built one 5-meter length using Raspberry controlled with a PS5 controller and now, for the new model, I want to switch to Pixhawk and ROS 2.
From the CFD analysis of the airship, I dimensioned the power of the four motors and I choose this one:

Motor D3542-4-1450KV:
Max force: 1420 g
Voltage: DC7,4 ~ 15,0 V
ESC: 40A ~ 70A
Max power: 690 W

I know that these are very powerful motors but I need that this model has quick responses to wind gusts and a cruise speed of 40 km/h

As I am new to Pixhawk, does one PM03D support all the motors or do I need two of them? Can I use one Pixhawk with two PM03D?