Yaw estimate error with RTK heading

I am having some issues with heading estimation using RTK GPSs. These errors are showing in QGC as:

  • Preflight Fail: Yaw estimate error
  • Preflight Fail: Heading estimate not stable

My setup is as follows:

  • PX4 1.14 main
  • CUAV Pixahwk V6X
  • two ARK RTK GPSs connected via CAN

The RTK heading estimation works as expected once RTK fixed mode is reached, as long as the setup is kept stationary. Any small movements cause the above Preflight Fail errors.

Some additional information to note is that these issues are not present when I replace the RTK GPSs with a single uavcan GPS (NEO 3 Pro) and disable all px4 RTK heading settings.

Flight Review: https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=ce8f9eb6-085e-45cd-a8ef-c2a7ffa00112
Link to download log: log_0_2023-9-7-16-46-40_outdoors.ulg - Google Drive

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It looks like the GPS heading is outputting correctly. But one thing I notice is that the BMM150 mags on at least one of your ARK RTK GPS isn’t working and the other doesn’t appear to be outputting data as well.

Can you double check your mounting and handling of the units isn’t causing the mag to be damaged? The wafer level chip scale package can be easily damaged if hit with a hard material.

I think the estimator is not happy with the internal mag and there are no external mags present in this setup.