Working Configurations for Android Build for QGC

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to build QGC for android but the build process haas been failing for a while.

I wanted to ask about the specific versions for tools like Qt, SDK, NDK and all other necessities that could successfully build QGC for android. I am working on Windows 11.

Would really appreciate any help for a successful build.

Thank You

I made a post regarding this. " A guide to compile QGC Android" try that and if it is not working ask me further questions.

Hi @Deathstroke69

Thanks for replying. Can you clarify the role of android studio for this and how to use it to build QGC?
It would be really helpful.

Android Studio is helpful for its SDK Manager and the virtual device manager. I am not that experienced in android development so this is as far my knowledge goes.

Can you elaborate a bit on the process after opening project in android studio?

I didn’t use Android Studio at all I did everything in QT. Again see the post I did previously

I am asking because of that post. You and the other guy were discussing about continuing the build process in android studio after failing in QT.

But it’s better if it got successfully built in QT. I don’t think there’s something different in my configurations but it keeps failing.

Did you build with stable_v4.3?


Hmm could you post what error you are getting?

I just tried building Stable_V4.3. This is the error I am getting:

This is the state of AndroidManifest.xml file :

Try changing them to something along the lines of this and also copy the res folder( and the updated xml file) to the ANDROID_packgage dir that I told to create. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks man. That error got resolved but now another:

If I comment out some lines related to splash screen in AndroidManifest.xml file, the application builds on the device (emulator and phone) but doesn’t run, keeps crashing.

I would suggest you not to comment out anything. Try changing the icons to something else! and copying the “res” folder to Android packgage dir folder which you would have created. After I did this it built successfully!

Thanks a lot @Deathstroke69. I am able to successfully build and run the app on emulator. But it is still crashing on my phone. After tapping to open it a few times, an error appears saying “QGC failed to start several times. Restore it by clearing its history?”

My build completes with some warnings and sometimes a few build errors, although no explicit mention of error in the logs and warnings like “QML imports” and “Mappings”.

Does yours show similar behavior?

Also did you build a debug version or release for actual device?

Release fails due to some errors related to adb saying “no certifications”.

Application output defines the cause as ClassNotFoundException.

Guys, please tell me someone assembles the Ground Control without the compass widget, it blocks the place so much, I would remove it altogether

Did you click “Deploy” (using usb debugging) or copy the apk in the phone ?

For release you need to create a keystore and toggle sign package.

I don’t remember these errors :frowning:

I ran/deploy (you know the green run button) through USB debugging.

I am not much experienced in that but try commenting out it’s UI component.

Dear forum users who are knowledgeable in programming, if it’s not difficult for you, please collect this APK, I really need it

I also don’t understand why none of my versions record video. The button is not active on both Windows and Android.

You are looking for different answers in a section nor really dealing with your issues.
Please pick a suitable listing or start a new one.

Some quick answers:
Are you looking for something like this?

Or are you aware of this?
Hidden / less known feature in QGC:

…there is this very little known feature whereby whilst video streaming you can double click (or fast double tap on touch-screens) any area other than those showing instruments/icons and you’ll get a full screen view.
→ Repeat to go back to normal view.
Very handy on those smaller screens like on the MK15.