Where is Flight Review getting its estimated angle data?

HI all, I’m trying to parse my log data here and I can’t find the data that Flight Review is plotting as “[Angle] Estimated.” To access my log data, I’m using pyulog, and I can’t find this data amid the many .csv files that the ‘ulog2csv’ command produces. Is this data actually stored somewhere in the log, or is the Flight Review code computing it from the gyro data or something?

Below is a screenshot from Flight Review of the data I’m looking for:

Yes Euler angles are calculated from the logged quaternions

Awesome, thank you!

I see from github that the pyulog library actually has a function to get Euler angles from the quaternion data, in pyulog/px4.py:

I am clueless about all things python. I have pyulog installed, but how do I–or can I --use this function? Attempts to replicate it in Matlab have been unsuccessful:

This outputs pure gibberish (as does matlab’s built-in ‘quat2eul’ function when called on a 1x4 vector of quaternion elements, actually). What did I miss?

Edit: The above Matlab code “doesn’t work” because I ran it on the wrong .csv file. Stepping away from the computer now…