What's the meaning of "[Unknown event with ID ______]" in the flight logs?

@JulianOes I am getting a mysterious message in my flight logs of PX4.

I am unable to understand the details of this message.
Mostly, this message comes around the crash time, but I don’t know the exact details of the message.

PX4 documentation doesn’t show any details about the “Logged Message”.


#8, #9

#0, #1

Let me ping @bkueng to explain that.

Let me try to explain: PX4 changed the GCS-facing messages to split the actual text messages out of the flight controller and only send out ID’s. The GCS then reassembles the message from metadata. The same happens in the log with flight review. What you see is flight review using the latest messages from main (automatically uploaded with CI), for which there were changes to some messages compared to your version, so there’s a mismatch.

You can still get the messages with ulog_messages <file.ulg>.

The problem has already been resolved on main, by adding the messages/metadata to the log as well.

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@bkueng Thank you for such a detailed explanation.

I got the detail of the “Unknown event with ID ____” by using the PlotJuggler.

In the review.px4.io it was showing “Unknown event with ID 33070083”, but while opening the log file with plotjuggler, it shows the description as “Pilot took over position control using sticks”.

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