What is the practical limit to the number of waypoints / mission items for PX4?

I understand the SDcard as the typical storage location for the onboard mission. I believe this is controlled buy MIS_ONBOARD_EN parameter defaulted to 1. https://pixhawk.org/firmware/parameters#mission

Is there a practical limit to the number of waypoints and/or mission items that can be in the mission? We plan on doing large survey flights with potentially hundreds of waypoints and mission items (like start/stop cameras, etc).

How about mission size stored on SDcard vs stored in local memory on the processor (MIS_ONBOARD_EN = 0?)?

There is not really a practical limit. Right now we’ve set and tested it to 2000 waypoints.

I see. I am running into a limit of 256 waypoints when planning survey missions in Qgroundcontrol and uploading to a Pixracer. Greater than 256 waypoints returns this message in Qgroundcontrol:

Is there a recommended way for us to increase this limit?

Ahhh… I see this recent PR now that increases the limit. I look forward to using this in upcoming stable release. :slight_smile: