What is IMU sampling frequency / time in Pixhawk 4?


I am using a PX4 Vision v1 quadrotor. Its flight controller (FC) is Pixhawk 4. Onboard IMU is ICM-20689 and/or BMI055. Are both of these IMUs in FC or just one, then which one? I need FFT of accel and gyro data for which I am not sure what is the sampling frequency or time. Is the sampling frequency the same as IMU_GYRO_RATEMAX or IMU_INTEG_RATE? I kept IMU_GYRO_RATEMAX 400 Hz; it also says note that sensor data is always read and filtered at the full raw rate (eg commonly 8 kHz) regardless of this setting. IMU_INTEG_RATE is 200 kHz. So what is the IMU sampling frequency or time?

I appreciate your help. Thank you!

I’d use a debug adapter or MAVLink shell to see what is going on.

Commands to try are:

  • dmesg to get the startup (sensor start) output
  • sensor status
  • uorb top to see rates of topics
  • listener sensor_gyro to see the data in detail
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