VTOL simulation with gazebo


I’m confused about the simulation with gazebo connected to QGrondControl. As I can get some physical values like velocity, roll rate, etc when I start a mission with standard VTOL, will the dynamic model change with the configuration, weight and wing aerofoil of the UAV? In other words, how can I make sure all the state is coincident with my own UAV instead of others with similar airframe? If the physical specifications does influence the simulation, how should I load such parameters like wing span or something? I just load SolidWork document into gazebo, will it work or just looks closed to the real one? Thank you very much.

@Meichen_Chan Your solidworks file only defined geometry which is not enough information for the physical properties of the vehicle for simulation.

You can look at the model files which are defined in the sdf file to see what kind of parameters can be adjusted, and you need to adjust them to fit your vehicle properties

An example of the model file can be found: https://github.com/PX4/sitl_gazebo/blob/master/models/standard_vtol/standard_vtol.sdf.jinja

If you are unsure about the syntax of the sdf file: http://gazebosim.org/tutorials?tut=build_model