VTOL PWM channels from I2C, PCA9685

Looking to use the Pixracer on a VTOL aircraft with use of a PCA9685(1) I2c to PWM converter, for PWM expansion. Currently, Iā€™m trying to rewrite the driver for the PCA9685 board so that it subscribes to the actuator_controls_virtual_fw instead of the Gimbal(2). Is there an easier way to change the driver so that the PCA9685 outputs a mirror of the AUX OUT ports? Let me know if I am on the right track with this, also let me know if I should post under another category.

(1) This is the PCA9685 Converter

(2) Line 313 is where I would need to start editing to subscribe to the correct channel.

Hey Alexander,

I am also trying to rewrite PCA9685 driver. My goal is to control whole VTOL plane over I2C. In my code I already subscribed to control_group #0 and control_group #1. I think that these control groups must be mixed using mixer before I2C outputs them to PWM. Problem is that I was not able to understand how to mix outputs from control group.

If you are still working on this problem, maybe we can help each other.

Is there topic to listen, that publish mixed outputs ready for PWM ? It would be easy to subscribe and send them over I2C.