VTOL Flat Spin - Unknown Reason

Myself and others tested our VTOL (quadplane) out a couple weeks back, the results were quite horrific with a flat spin frrom 50m in the air. We are unsure what exectly caused the flat spin. After looking at the logs it looks like we had some instability in pitch and roll going into our transition. We lost altitude during transition and then back-transitioned, which ended in yawing uncontrolably into a spin. It was also very very windy that day, in hindight probably wasn’t the best day to fly.

Any ideas onto how / why this happened would be greatly appreciated - here are the logs https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=21873571-558b-4bd3-aa7a-878438c7de8b

Some of the problems we noticed were: noisy airspeed sensor, noisy gyro, yaw being commanded to spin (it seems?) ut unsure why.

PX4 v1.14.0, manual control.

there are strong interference to your gps, even you have lost global position estimation. vibration levels are really high maybe there is something wrong mechanically

Hi @gabedavid The reasons are:
1- Too much vibration. >> Try to check your mechanism, and install a vibration absorber for the flight controller.

2- Not well-tuned Multirotor PID (Rate and Attitude). >> Try to tune in Stabilize mode first, and adjust the cutoff frequency or notch filter if necessary.

3- Less Multirotor excess power, ~80% Throttle (thrust) is insufficient. >> Change the motor/prop to a more powerful.

4- Not well-tuned position controller (MPC).

Thank you for the replies!

@saengphet, out of curiosity - what is the reasoning for tuning in Stabalized mode? Is it better for tuning rate / attitude contollers?