V1.2.0 public beta!


I just put an initial v1.2.0 release beta version onto the beta branch (available in QGroundControl if you tick the “Advanced mode” checkbox on the bottom and select “beta”).

Make sure to download the latest daily build of QGroundControl here, as it is also close to the v2.9.3 release which has many improvements / fixes for mission editing.

Let us know how you go. If you fly a racer, please note this post which has gains that will give you an optimal ACRO experience.

The main improvements are:

  • Lots of VTOL improvements, in particular for missions / autonomous transitions, support to detect failed transitions and abort them, etc. This is work done by Andreas Antener (UAVenture), Roman Bapst (PX4 Core / ETH), Sander Smeets (DronesLab) and Simon Wilks (UAVenture)
  • Improvements for Pixracer (in particular telemetry), from Mark Whitehorn (PX4 Core)
  • A much improved and flyable variant of EKF2 by Paul Riseborough (3DR) and Roman Bapst (PX4 Core / ETH). Carl Olson (Wingtra) is currently working with Paul and Roman on fixed wing extensions for it
  • Fix for the TECS controller reset logic
  • Support for precise input capture time stamping (e.g. for RTK or camera sync signals)
  • Better mission checking and handling, in particular for fixed wing
  • More checks on the airspeed sensor to ensure users with a flaky sensor can’t arm
  • Many more general bugfixes and improvements
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Great! I’ve been eager to try this.

Any recommendation if switching from latest stable? PID gains should have to be reset?
And what about calibration?

I will flash this new fw and move from arducopter to px.
hope my hexa stays in the air.

Neither PID gains nor calibration need to be reset. If you are working on VTOL then a fresh airframe setup can make sense.

Thanks @LorenzMeier. I had issues with yaw angle drifting in the past. I suspect the new EKF estimator should be better in this regard.

PX4FLOW without lidar (using only the onboard sonar) is supported for posctl in this release right?
I assume sonar is fused with baro.

thanks a lot! I want to know whether pix4 VTOl tailsitter support the misson mode during in fixed wing. i have try many times,but the plane cannot follow the waypoint i have set in qgroundcontrol