Using params within px4io mixer. Possible?

I would like to use parameters inside of the px4io mixer code in C++. I’ve read the docs showing param_get() and param_find(). My problem is that it cannot find those functions when I try to compile. I include the systemlib/param/param.h (done from memory so may not be correctly spelled). When I compile it complains it can’t find the reference to the function. Basically it can’t find the code. Is there a library I’m supposed to link to? Do I include the param.c into the CMake file? Or the more basic question… Am I allowed to use params in the mixer since it is in a different processor?

Any help would be appreciated!

I guess it would be pointless to include the parameter files because the px4io mixer.cpp is running on a different MCU so you couldn’t access these parameters.
You can have a look at the PX4IO (px4io.cpp) driver. I think you could send custom parameters via “io_reg_set()” to the second MCU.

For example: