Using MAVLink in MCU & QGC

I have some questions for using MAVLink protocol to connect QGC because I didn’t find these answers, it has confused me!:confused:

1- I have a rover and a balloon and (my simple autopilot is AVR with simple sensors) but at the moment I wanna my rover to connect to QGC and it used to be connected to a weak ground station software that I had to send data to a file station called Send.c but now the files that have been generated (with include common.xml) How do I use instead of this file to send to QGC?

2- To connect to QGC, because a new custom dialect has been defined, do I have to delete the Mavlink folder inside QGC and paste mine and build QGC?

3- If I want to create a HeartBeat message for my rover or balloon and have a separate name (i.e. My_Auto_Device) do I have to define this name in minimal.xml for value = 20? And how do I tell QGC that it is my own device?

4- If there is a message in my dialect to get roll, pitch, yaw, how is it that it does not interfere with similar message in common.xml and how does it know which one to process from the ID?

  • And if I want to use some common IDs like waypoint in QGC, how is it possible? That is, when I click on the map on the Fly page, the waypoint message is executed inside common file?

If needed to send my custom dialect or generated files tell me!

Note that I do not want to use px4 or ardupilot and only want to use my AVR!

Thanks for ur attention, and help me 4 any quests!

QGC is built with the ardupilotmega dialects of mavlink. If you want to modify mavlink you will need to modify that dialect, rebuild it the mavlink headers and then replace all the mavlink headers in QGC and rebuild.

As far as making you custom vehicle connect to QGC start with MultiVehicleManager to figure out how it detects vehicles.

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I did ur first paragraph but my prb is how to sync my generated mavlink files (from eg. custom.xml) with my classes. In other words how write send2gs.c for connect to Mavlink.h !!