Using Joystick in qgc

Good morning
I tried a new joystick called Logitec 3d.
All Jsticks are mapped to RC normally.
i need to turn on the starter motor of the engine helicopter.
This works by receiving a pwm signal from fc’s main output.
The problem is, when I press the Jstick button, it doesn’t seem to be a pwm signal.
The button number is shown separately from the RC signal.
How do I turn this starter motor?

QGC joystick does not simulate any RC pwm signalling.

So I have no means to turn on the start motor with the joystick button?

Not as far as I know

So, can’t i use a normal servo motor as well as a starter motor? With joystick buttons?
This is arming disarming, mode change is freely possible, but it is not possible to act such as moving the servo.

@maphering Have you tried using the mixers?

No, I have never used it. How do you use it?

@maphering You can define a mixer as explained here for your engine start:

Um… I can’t understand it.
Is this the operation of touching the parameters of fc?
Or is it a task to modify the gcs?