Using intel nuc to control real drone

Is this possible to deploy px4 on intel nuc to control real drones?
Are there some suggestions for doing that?

Not really. The Intel NUC doesn’t have all the sensors required as far as I know.

What’s often done though is to use PX4 on an autopilot like a Pixhawk, Cube, or similar and then connect that microcontroller via serial or Ethernet (for some of the newer boards) to the NUC. That way you have a stable/reliable flight controls on the microcontroller and higher level or more CPU intensive software on the NUC.

Is it possible to control the dji drone through onboard sdk, which gives the attitude and position data to the px4 software which runs on the nuc?

Everything is possible if you write enough code but what you suggest doesn’t really make sense.

I think if you want to control a DJI drone you’re best off following one of their tutorials for their SDK, without pulling in PX4.