Using collision prevention whilst in offboard mode


I work with a system that passes attitude setpoints to PX4 from an offboard computer over MAVROS.

I now want to implement some ‘always on’ collision prevention, by passing range data from my offboard computer to PX4, and using the collision prevention system already built in.
It’s important that I can still maintain my offboard control, sending attitude setpoints.

From documentation it appears that collision prevention only works in position mode.

I don’t think position mode is viable for my application, as I cannot use GPS nor optical flow- my only ‘position measurements’ are distances to potentially dynamic objects around the drone which I obtain on my off board computer, and generate attitude set points accordingly using some velocity controllers.

I just want to use the collision prevention to stop a crash, and limit velocity when close to obstacles, ideally this would be always on regardless of flight mode.

Am I right in thinking that this functionality is not available at the moment?

If this is the case I would intend to create a custom flight mode, where collision prevention can be enabled alongside off board control, with the goal of then eventually handling all control on PX4, using off board just for obstacle detection and trajectory generation.

Thanks for any help