Units (M of Ft) for range aid params?

EKF2_RNG_A_HMAX and EKF2_RNG_A_VMAX don’t specify the unit definition. they just list numbers.
my settings are in Feet (not Meters) and Miles per Hour (not Meters per Second), and other parameters are translated to feet/mph. what is the unit definition of these parameters - do they remain in meters or are they now in feet/mph with my other params?

The parameter meta data for those does not define units (which is a firmware bug). Hence QGC will not translate based on your app settings. They remain in whatever units they are. QGC shows the units for parameters in it’s ui. If it shows nothing it means the value is unitless as far as QGC is concerned.

thx @DonLakeFlyer.
the assumption/implication is, therefore, that they are in Meters (HMAX) and Meters/Second (VMAX) and the number is not translated by QGC, so I will go with that.

I added a PX4 Issue for this: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/12305